Miswak Herbal Toothpaste

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Too often we hurt ourselves, thinking we're helping.

The toothpaste we use is a major indicator of that. Switch over to a brand that does NOT use fluoride. 

Fluoride actually damages bones and teeth and further adds to the docile nature of our people by adding layers of calcification to the pineal gland.

A calcified pineal gland takes away from your spiritual and psychic development. 


100% Fluoride Free!

Available in 3 options:

Neem: Neem Leaf, a natural antibacterial, has been combined  with herbs to give complete natural oral hygiene.

Miswak: Contains Moringa Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Miswak Extract, Olive Oil, and Honey

Charcoal: Naturally cleanses and whitens.

~6.5 oz