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Peace Royal Family & Welcome to our official Online Portal!

The foundation of the Kemetic Science Institute (KSI) recognizes the ever-present paradigm shift and how imperative it is to save ourselves, save our communities, and most importantly, Save the Babies. The change in our community and the survival of our people is dependent on our future generations being properly educated, raised, loved, and healed so we hold space for those who are need of revitalizing resources. These resources come in the form of an extensive collection of meaningful art, books, crystals, relics, herbal tonics, and more.

The KSI Tribe has been making a major impact in the communities of Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for over 5 years. KSI is home to a variety of products from our fellow carbon family's yielding them a substantial means of providing for their tribes. This is our Village perspective and we are constantly adding and building the strength within our communities each and every day. Our recent expansion will bring opportunities for more of our divine beings to come with lectures, yoga, massages, consultations, local vending events, and further community service efforts. The vast majority of our community partners are carbon-owned brands and specialists local to the Charlotte Metro area. Their dutiful and diligent efforts are what keep the heart of  KSI pumping.

Moving forward, KSI is expanding its outreach by being a consistent staple in the community. Our goal is complete activation and recognition of kindred across the globe. Some of the next steps in this plan are the development of a healing temple, a vegan restaurant, and both national and world travel for products, services, and information distribution. If you have any suggestions for an event or city where we should bring the KSI experience, please contact us.

The paradigm has shifted, No one is coming to save us. We ask you to join us in not only saving ourselves but also our babies who are our FUTURE! ASE! ASE!!

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