How do you contact us?

Please click our contact us page found at the bottom navigation of our webpage.

Phone: 704-910-6783

Email: info@kemeticscienceinstitute.com

What is our Youtube?

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What is our address?

1001- S East W.T. Harris Blvd. Suite S. Charlotte, NC 28213

What is our social media?

Instagram: @kemeticscienceinstitute


Facebook: KemeticScience2018

Twitter: @KemeticScience

How do you take tonics?

Our tonics are to be taken either at the beginning of the day or at night (as indicated on the bottle depending on the tonic along with amount) followed by 6-8 glasses of water per day. Tonics can be taken at least 8 days in a row. Clean eating for example: raw fruits, vegetables, and grains is recommended to be consumed during the time of taking the tonics for their effectiveness. 

How long is shipping?

All packages are shipped via the Standard USPS shipping time frame allotted based on the shipping location.

Shipping times are based on when they leave our facility. Most of our orders ship out within 2 business days but please allow up to one week for processing and up 10 business days for shipping depending on payment capture, shipping address verification, etc.

Packages are shipped out Monday-Thursday. We do not ship Friday-Sunday. To keep track of your order or find your tracking number please review your confirmation email. 

If you have questions about your order please email us with your order number. Please see Shipping Policy tab for more information.

How to prepare Seamoss?

Seamoss can be soaked or boiled. 

Rinse the seamoss because it is very salty.

We HIGHLY recommend soaking it. To soak it you place it in a bowl with double the amount of water to the amount of seamoss( 1 cup sea moss 2 cups water) and allow it to soak 12-72 hours. The more days the less salty and better texture the seamoss. 

To boil it place the sea moss in a pot of boiling water and allow it to boil at 1:2 ratio. Stir it until the seamoss turns into a complete gel. 

Alternate preparation: throw into the blender, cover the seamoss with spring water, blend until smooth.

 Where do our herbs and tonics come from?

Our Herbs are from both local and international based carbon-farmers.

Our Tonics are crafted from our carbon herbalist who has been healing fellow beings for over 30+ years.

All tonics have ingredients listed on the bottle and in the description section under their product page. 

Where do I get the crystals that you had in the store?

Our Eucalyptus Mint Crystals are our most popular item if you have ever met us in store or at a vendor event They are available for purchase both online and in store.


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