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Kemetic Science Institute

ClayDry Deodorant

ClayDry Deodorant

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ClayDry absorbs odor and toxins with a special type of healing clay called Calcium Montmorillonite Clay.

Ingredient Benefits:

• Arrowroot helps to absorb moisture and the added essential oils are also anti-bacterial. 
• Ionic Clay Minerals contain more than 57 trace minerals to help absorb odor and balance skin pH.
• Witch Hazel is a natural astringent commonly used to help absorb excess oil from the skin. 
• Arnica Extract stimulates circulation, speeding up skin healing.
• Green Tea Extract absorbs wetness and soothes sensitive skin.

Using the combination of clay, arrowroot, and baking soda, this deodorant detoxifies and heals with each swipe. It prevents the buildup of odor-causing bacteria and absorbs excess moisture. Healing ingredients nourish the skin to improve texture and enhance protection.

Free from aluminum and synthetic fragrances. Detoxifies and balances. Moisturizes and enhances skin texture. Non toxic formula.

BOLD scents are powder based. Hold the deodorant to your armpit for a few seconds to warm up the product before use.

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