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"Dr. Sebi Smoothie Diet" by Stephanie Quiñones

"Dr. Sebi Smoothie Diet" by Stephanie Quiñones

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Are you looking for an easier and more efficient way to cleanse, revitalize, and heal your body? With the Dr. Sebi Smoothie Diet, You'll gain all the benefits of fighting off diseases while drinking a delicious smoothie.

This updated unique book version series of The Dr. Sebi Smoothie diet is jammed packed with even more smoothies and many more ways to improve health, lose weight, remove phlegm and mucus, and naturally prevent other diseases. 

Discover over 53 Dr. Sebi Alkaline and electric smoothies compliant with the Dr. Sebi nutritional diet. This Diet consists of preventing the formation of mucus and making it difficult for infection-causing organisms to thrive.

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