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Kemetic Science Institute

"Atum Alamanac" Dream Book by Sesen Moon

"Atum Alamanac" Dream Book by Sesen Moon

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ATUM ALMANAC is a kemetic metaphysical lunisolar handbook that explores the elements, cosmic events, timeless truths, dreams, mysteries and inner space that make our existence divine. refer to it regularly for planting, growing, healing and blooming.

Traversing a collective + individual journey towards ascension —
created to hold space for and document your own voyage.

The LOTUS DREAM BOOK is a collection of days, lives, vibes, moons, and stars for perpetual use. A book for cycles, seasons, moments, and remembrance. One to be put down and picked back up. Forgotten for years and returned to again. For revisiting past days, tracking growth, dreams, ideas…

Brings forth a deeper sojourn through the lotus cards: tarot - space for your notes, musing, personal discoveries, spreads for reading the cards, space for manifesting, dreaming, collaging, building and more.

Can be used with any deck of cards.

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